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GREEN PRAXIS and IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement) sign a license agreement.

Marseille, September 29, 2021 - GREEN PRAXIS implements nature-based solutions to reduce the costs of maintaining vegetation cover and to maximize benefits that can be leveraged by companies (thermal regulation, carbon credits, soil stabilization, reduction of risks related to severe weather events). In order to inform its decision-making models in terms of depollution or resistance and adaptation to global warming, the company intends to leverage IRD's technologies and know-how in the field of plant-microorganism symbioses. "Knowledge across a wide spectrum of domains is essential to the identification of value creation options. GREEN PRAXIS is a catalyst that brings together data across many areas to ensure the success of nature-based solutions. With IRD, we will be able to accelerate this rapid identification of concrete and value-creating solutions" says Martin GUILLAUME, President of the startup GREEN PRAXIS. This patent license and know-how communication agreement is an important step in the collaboration initiated with Robin Duponnois, Director of Research at IRD, who adds: "It is through partnerships of this type that we will be able to give a greater impact to our research. When Green PRAXIS approached me, I understood the significant potential of their approach.

About IRD

French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD-France) is an internationally recognised multidisciplinary organisation and a key player on the international development agenda.

Its work is founded on an original model: equitable scientific partnership with developing countries. IRD sets its priorities in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to steer development policies and tackle the challenges facing us today: global, environmental, economic, social and cultural changes that affect the whole planet.

IRD press office :

About Green PRAXIS

Green PRAXIS aims to identify and propose value creation opportunities for companies with a large land footprint. Railroads, highways, power grids or cities have a significant overlap with nature. Through "nature-based solutions" we reduce vegetation maintenance costs, decrease environmental impact, mitigate risks and thus increase economic and environmental benefits. The diversity and complexity of data and scientific facts needed to make the right decisions is very high. Information, technology and expertise are the foundations of our automated solution. After diagnosing the biotope, candidate scenarios are tested with data and AI to produce value-generating recommendations.

Contact Green PRAXIS: +33 6 95 97 38 26



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