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Current and future legislation on glyphosate

Are we still allowed to use glyphosate in France? When will this substance be banned? The answer to the first question is yes. To the second question, the answer is that we do not know yet, but we should not expect a ban before the end of the year.

In France

The debate is still ongoing. Indeed, a bill to ban glyphosate was tabled on November 30, 2021 at the National Assembly (proposal No. 4745). In two weeks, the text was emptied of its substance and refused by the National Assembly. Glyphosate remains authorized in France, but the debate will be brought back to the legislator, it is a certainty. In the meantime, it is important to note that large companies are making reasonable choices: several media have reported on the choice of pelargonic acid by the SNCF from 2022 (here is the link to the France Info article).

Within the European Union

A ban at the European Union level would concomitantly lead to a ban in member countries. The authorization of glyphosate was renewed by Regulation 2017/2324 of December 12, 2017, more than two years after the end of its last period of validity due to the various additional reports requested, including by the Food Safety Authority, or the European Chemicals Agency. This 2017 approval is valid for a period of 5 years, and therefore runs until December 15, 2022.

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