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A Partnership to Manage Vegetation Sustainably

SFERIS and Green PRAXIS announce today the signature of a partnership to provide innovative solutions in sustainable vegetation management. These solutions will contribute to cost reductions, preservation of the environment, increase carbon capture and achieve ESG objectives for the private and public sectors.

By combining the use of data, artificial intelligence, field experience and environmental expertise Green PRAXIS and SFERIS are able to provide an integrated offering to lower operating costs, protect biodiversity and operational imperatives. Nature-based solutions are essential to the preservation of our environment.

SFERIS, a specialist in rail infrastructure maintenance and management, is in charge of marketing and implementing in the field solutions designed by Green PRAXIS. Several pilot sites are currently being set up. This alliance paves the way for rapid and secure implementation of sustainable vegetation management solutions.


SFERIS is the natural partner for railway challenges and has been a specialist in worksite security, works and railway infrastructure management for 10 years. With its experience as a maintenance company in exposed areas, the company manages railway planted areas with a concern for economic performance and respect for the environment. Thus, since 2021, SFERIS no longer uses phytosanitary products to maintain its lines.

In addition, SFERIS is a company with a thousand employees who can be mobilized anywhere in France, which offers great flexibility and capacity for action.

About Green PRAXIS

Through optimized nature-based solutions, Green PRAXIS reduces the cost of maintaining vegetation cover, decreases environmental impact, mitigates risk, and thus increases the economic and environmental value generated. Organizations with large land footprints, such as railroad operators, highways, power grids, and cities, have significant overlap with nature.

The diversity and complexity of data and scientific facts needed to make the right decisions are high. Information, technology and expertise are the foundations of the Green PRAXIS automated solution. After diagnosing the biotope, candidate scenarios are tested using data and AI to produce value-generating recommendations. The result is an operational solution that maximizes economic and environmental benefits.



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