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Environmental Data Scientist

Help gain insights from satellite and drone imagery, and predict how plants will grow in a given environment, and how they can contribute to economic and environmental outcomes.

About the job

Green Praxis offers vegetation management solutions to companies with large land footprints to help them manage their land in a sustainable and economically profitable way. Rather than expensive and polluting solutions based on chemicals and regular mechanical intervention, we offer Nature Based Solutions that require low maintenance and offer environmental as well as economic benefits. The company consists of scientific experts in plants, animals and soil complemented by a technology team that helps them perform analysis at scale and uncover insights.


We are looking for an Environmental Data Scientist to support these efforts. In this role you will perform data analysis and develop models in support of our work. Some examples include:

  • Analyzing satellite, drone and lidar imagery to gather information such as water stress, vegetation health and growth, and detecting changes due to activities such as cutting or mowing.

  • Analyzing close up photography of experimental plots to detect plant mixes and analyze changes over time.

  • Building models of Carbon Sequestration of different plants in different conditions

  • Building models of Plant growth in different mixes in different conditions

  • Analyzing sound files to develop indices of biodiversity

  • Creating code for data gathering, cleaning, feature creation and storage


In addition to this core work, it would be valuable if you can also contribute to diverse IT tasks. We have a mobile app, a cloud infrastructure, a set of APIs, a web app, a task scheduler and a CI/CD pipeline. We are a small team so we all pitch in - at any given moment you may be asked to support a task on these if help is needed. Our computing environment is a mix of Python, Dart and NodeJS running on IBM, Amazon and Google infrastructure. 


What we are looking for in you:

  • Bachelor or Masters degree in IT or related field, or demonstrated proficiency in coding and data science

  • Demonstrated experience of building data pipelines 

  • Demonstrated experience of building models and leveraging machine learning techniques

  • Good understanding of statistics

  • Good understanding of core IT principles

  • Ability to work with substantial autonomy

  • Good communicator and collaborator

  • The company is French but we have a mix of nationalities so our working language is English. You will need to be proficient in written and spoken English.


Interested in applying and qualified? Please contact us.

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