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Biodiversity Specialist

Help companies understand their impact on biodiversity by using acoustic analysis to measure and characterize the ecological health of a location

About the job

Green Praxis helps companies with large land footprints manage their land in a sustainable and economically profitable way. We offer Nature Based Solutions to solve a variety of environmental challenges and help customers understand the tradeoffs when planning interventions between economic and environmental indicators such as Biodiversity, Carbon Sequestration & Risk. The company consists of scientific experts in plants, animals and soil complemented by a technology team that helps them perform analysis at scale and uncover insights.

We are investing in a research program to further develop our Bioacoustics capability. Bioacoustics is the measurement of species richness and abundance based on analysis of the soundscape of a location. Preserving biodiversity is critical to our planet's health and a critical component of reducing environmental impact is the ability to measure that impact. Bioacoustics is an extremely promising field that has the potential to tell us a great deal about the natural life in a landscape using affordable technology.

We are looking for a biodiversity engineer to support these efforts. In this role you will support the technology development and industrialisation through:

  • Literature review, with particular emphasis on biodiversity monitoring methods, sentinel species, and acoustic indices 

  • Field recordings in Europe and potentially in the tropics

  • Data processing, analysis and interpretation

  • Drafting of scientific reports and preparation of presentations aimed at corporate and commercial partners/sponsors.

In addition to this core work, you will also be asked to contribute to other natural engineering projects and incorporation of biodiversity knowledge to our digital platform. We have a mobile and web app running on a cloud infrastructure and multiple models related to natural assets. We are a small team so we all pitch in when and where needed. 

What we are looking for in you:

  • Master's degree or higher in environmental sciences required

  • Naturalist field knowledge

  • Knowledge of the main biodiversity indicators and the various strategies for measuring biodiversity, particularly bioacoustics.

  • Experience of statistical software (e.g. R or Python)

  • Excellent writing and communication skills 

  • Good knowledge of acoustic software such as Raven or Audacity will be appreciated. 

  • Good level of English (B2 minimum)

If this sounds like you, please get in touch!


Interested in applying and qualified? Please contact us.

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