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Associate Research Manager

You have recently obtained a PhD in environmental sciences? You want to have a positive and sustainable impact on our natural environment? This is precisely the objective of Green PRAXIS. Using technology (AI, ontologies, GIS, satellite imagery), we provide diagnostics and management/remediation recommendations leveraging ecosystem services to landowners and natural asset managers.

About the job

Botanical Researcher - Nature-based solutions (PhD)
Green PRAXIS - Position based in Aix en Provence

We are looking for an ecosystem biologist/plant biologist to help us develop new use cases and plan relevant landscape or urban design strategies that maximize the sustainability and economic value of ecosystem services. You will identify or develop new strategies relevant to our clients/partners' lands and assets, and collaborate with internal developers to integrate these strategies into our proprietary diagnostic and recommendation solution. You will actively participate in the implementation of the company's nature-based strategies, models and supporting technologies. You should have a strong understanding of environmental issues that have emerged during the Anthropocene (such as ecosystem fragility in the context of climate change) and the current state of remediation approaches validated by academic research. In particular, you should understand revegetation methodologies, plant bioengineering, and be comfortable with geospatial information systems, large data sets, statistics, and/or modeling. Expertise in public policy and financial incentives supporting environmental protection is a plus.

You must have a PhD in ecosystem botany / plant biology or a relevant field and keep current with the scientific literature. In order to collaborate with our developers and PhD students, you are willing to become familiar with and keep up with advances in our supporting technologies relying on GIS, statistical analysis and modelling.

In addition to training and experience, you must have the energy and drive to get things done with others and by yourself if necessary. You embrace design thinking approaches; adequately support the value proposition that the company brings to market: support decisions for a sustainable, viable, responsible, natural and also economically sound environment.


Identify new remediation or management strategies relevant to our clients' and partners' properties, set goals and financial outcomes, and develop implementation plans. Collaborate with our developers to integrate new recommendations into our digital solution.
Provide leadership to develop, document and maintain competencies.
Monitor technology changes or advancements to discover ways in which the company can gain a competitive advantage. Analyze the costs, value and risks of new environmental approaches to advise management and suggest actions.
We collaborate with 3 university research labs in the areas of plant bioengineering, artificial intelligence applied to soil ecosystems, and bioacoustics, with whom you will work closely.
As Green Praxis is in its early stages of development, you will likely be required to work cross-functionally.


PhD in environmental sciences required
Candidates must not have been employed under French CDI contract terms since securing their PhD
Excellent knowledge of ecosystem/plant biology and remediation strategies, landscape and urban design, ecosystem service valuation.
Understanding of data analysis,
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, fluency in French is a major asset.

The position is placed under the authority of the General Manager, with remote work possible from time to time. The position is open to candidates that have disabilities

Remuneration will combine a salary and profit-sharing.


Interested and qualified? Please contact us.

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